Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its capital, Budapest, is bisected by the Danube River. It is bordered by Slovakia to the North, Ukraine to the Northeast, Romania to the East and Southeast, Serbia to the South, Croatia and Slovenia to the Southwest, and Austria to the West. With about 10 million inhabitants, Hungary is a medium-sized member state of the European Union. The official language is Hungarian.


Country: Hungary

Area: 93,030 km2

Climate: Temperate

Population: 9,772,756 (2019)

Capital: Budapest

Other big cities: Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc

Official language: Hungarian

GDP: $180.498 billion (54th) (2020)

Per capita income: $18535

HDI: 0.845

Currency: Forint (HUF)

Calling code: +36

Literacy rate: 99.1%


Taking about education system in Hungary, at the age of 3 parents enroll their children at Pre-Primary School which is not compulsory . After that at the age of 6 he get enrolled in Primary Level following Lower Secondary Level. After completion of Lower Secondary Level, he have three different options either joining Vocational Training School or Vocational Secondary School or Upper Secondary Level which are compulsory education as per the Ministry of Education and Culture of Hungary. Thereafter Vocational Training School leads towards Junior College; Vocational Secondary School leads towards College Upper Secondary Level leads towards University then after Masters and then after doctorate degree.

Talking about universities in Hungary, there are altogether 27 public universities, 6 privately funded universities and 4 Ecclesiastical University which is a special type of higher education school recognized by the Canon law of the Catholic Church.


1. High Quality Education

As the main aim of going abroad is study we need to know that whether the degree provided by the universities of the country is internationally accepted or not. In context of Hungary the degree provided by the universities is worldwide accepted European degree that also in wide range of courses.

2. Foreign Students in Hungary

As in low cost you can get the European degree, internationals students has highly interested in gaining education in Hungary.  This increases the exchange in language, culture and tradition.

3. Work While Studying

Though you are going for the study purpose, student can work 20 hrs per week during the semester time and 40 hrs per week during the vacation. And he can easily afford monthly expenditure. He/she can easily cover all the expansion like house rent, food, clothing, personal hygiene, transport etc with the earning of part time job.

 4. Comparative tuition fee

Universities of Hungary offer several courses of study and the tuition fee of those program starts from 4000 Euro to 9000 Euro per year. Studying in Hungary is cheaper as compared to other European countries like Germany, France, and UK due to low and affordable tuition fees.

5. An individual with minimum academic percentage in higher secondary or three year diploma student can apply, there isn’t such percentage bar or any kind of demand of excellence academic qualification.

6. A person from weak economic background can easily apply because the tuition fees of the universities are affordable as compared to other European countries, you can get qualitative degree in less investment.

7. IELTS or any kind of English language test is not needed to apply in Poland. If you have knowledge of English i.e. if you can read and write English you can easily apply.


Hungary is very affordable European country with stable economy. Living costs for international students comes between 300 – 500 EUR/month depending on place of location.

Accommodation:       150- 250 Euro per month

Food:                          150-250 Euro per month


While applying for any country student should go through three aspects. If you meet those 3 aspects you can apply in that country and university.

  1. Academic Requirement

For Hungary, an applicant must completed higher secondary education (10+2) for Bachelor and Bachelor for Masters Degree. If you have secured 40 % or above in your academic, you can apply for the next level. An applicant with gap up to 4 to 5 years can apply.

But SEE or SLC pass applicant cannot apply for the further study in Hungary.

  1. English Requirement:

Though any English language test is not mandatory to have admission in most of the universities of Hungary, if you have done it is plus point for your visa.  But in few public universities you must have done IELTS with minimum score of requirement.

  1. Financial requirement:

You need to arrange lots of things during your processing time for the visa like Application and tuition fee, accommodation charges in Hungary. Documents for visa, Travel medical Insurance, Visa charge, Air ticket and so on. The over-all cost for applying in Poland comes around 9-10 lakhs (depending on tuition fee).  So if you and your family can afford this you, you can make mind to apply in Hungary.

If you fulfill these eligibility criteria, you can start your procedure choosing nearest intake.


Main intakes are during Spring Intake (Jan-Feb) and Fall Intake (Sep- Oct). Few universities also have deadline to apply for the upcoming intakes.


 1. Firstly applicant need to select the university and courses which matches their previous study background.

2. After the applicant make a decision, it’s time to get enroll in the university and issue the offer letter. For Offer letter you need to submit following documents:

    • Passport copy
    • Educational Documents (SLC/+2/Bachelor- Mark Sheet and Certificate)
    • English Recommendation Letter from School/ College OR IETLS certificate (if any)

3. Then the university will provide the offer letter within 24 hrs and it’s time to send application fee and tuition fee.

4. After that Applicant need to make the documents as per the checklist for the Visa Processing.

Mandatory Documents

  • Apostle of Academic Documents (Attestation of SLC and +2 documents from National Examination Board, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur and Bachelor from related University Head. Or if done from any other country verifying in the related Embassy after taking equivalent Letter from related office and MOFA , Then from MOE, Kesharmahal, Kathmandu and then Department of Consular Service, MOFA, Kathmandu, Nepal (Opposite of MOE). (Attestation should be done in 1 original and 2 good photocopy quality)
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Ministry of Education
  • Updated CV
  • Statement of Purpose or Motivational Letter
  • Sponsorship Letter
  • Maintaining good transaction in the bank account of yours or your father mother or siblings for Bank Balance Certificate and Statement (Up to 6 months statement required if possible)
  • Birth Certificate (Attested from MOFA)

Supplementary Documents

  • Relationship Certificate
  • Property Valuation and Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of All Income Source
  • Citizenship of father and mother
  • Police Report
  • CA Report

5. Accordingly you need to prepare for the interview also as there will be interview during your document submission with visa officer.

6. In the same time you need to send the tuition fee to the university bank account as mentioned in the offer letter. As per the rule of the university, you can either send the tuition fee in electronic form i.e. Swift transfer or Can make Demand Draft.(In demand draft the amount is freeze in the bank account of sender till the university receives the original bank draft which is sent after the visa only)

7. After sending the tuition fee, university will issue the Invitation Letter and Letter of Accommodation and send the scan copy to you.

8. In the mean time there is process of booking the appointment date.

To book the appointment date, you need to send email to along with scan copy of the passport and invitation letter. Sometimes university do it for you.

9. After booking is confirmed, a letter stating your appointment date will be sent to your mail. Application form should be filled self downloading from the website

For this you need to have the complete Passport Details, Your University Details and Your Intended Date to Travel. Always remember that Intended date to travel should be not more than a week earlier from class commencement date and also try not to keep in the Saturday and Sunday. And you can amend them later too before printing. Also for student APPENDIX 14 SHOULD BE FILLED OUT.

10. After the date booking, student needs to make Travel Medical Insurance (Plan A to C) for the period of 1 year.

11. For the mentioned period student need to be in the Embassy as per the checklist provided on their website >Select list of document India.

12. During the date of document submission student need to face the interview. In the embassy you need to pay INR 5420 and they accept only card NO CASH.

13. After 21 days to 90 days of the interview you will get notification regarding collection of your passport in your email. It’s not compulsory that you need to be there in Embassy to collect the passport. You can authorize some other trust able person for the passport collection. You need to take your token slip, authorization letter if any and your national identity card. Passport collection time is on Mondays through Thursdays at 14:30-15:30.

14. After the collection you will get the decision Accept or Reject.


Congratulation you have made it. Proceed ahead for departure processing.

Reject: In case of Rejection you have two options:

  • Appeal for the reviewing the denial of visa: For this you need to visit Embassy till 14 days of collection of your documents from Monday to Thursday between 14.00 and 16.00 hours.. You need to be there with
    • Appeal letter
    • New Itinerary (If Needed)
    • Passport
    • Refusal Letter
    • And you need to pay INR 1810 for appealing.
  • Refund of the tuition fee: For this we will mail the University for the Refund along with the refusal letter. If you have done swift before it may take till 3 months to get the fee refunded and if Draft then within an hour the fee will be refunded.

15. In case of Acceptance of your visa we need to reimburse the Demand Draft and send tuition fee in the university bank account through swift transfer.

16. Now it’s time to arrange for the air ticket. It may cost around 500 Euro.

17. After the ticket confirmation, an applicant needs to arrange for the airport pickup and accommodation placement.

18. Now the student needs to exchange 1000 Euro (pocket money) from any commercial bank

19. As everything is managed it’s time for final departure orientation for the student. Also an applicant should travel to Poland during the flight as per the checklist mentioned below:

  • Original educational documents (for Bachelor students higher secondary certificate + mark sheet + apostles / Master students: bachelor’s degree + mark sheet +
    apostles and additionally higher secondary certificate with mark sheets but without apostles),
  • 6 identical photographs,
  • Offer letter, Invoice, Invitation Letter
  • Passport with visa,
  • NOC Copy,
  • Flight Ticket with chop of 1000 euro
  • Swift Copy,
  • Fee transfer form,
  • 1000 Euro and need to chop in Air ticket and Passport
  • Warm Clothes
  • Pressure cooker
  • Basic medicine for headache, stomach ache, common cold, fever, etc


20. After reaching to the university always remember to provide original documents and photographs to the college for the further processing.


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